Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well, all free things must come to an end

In the two years Jared and I have been married, we have only lived a total of 6 months by ourselves. Now, it's time that we move on to bigger and better things.

We found a home.

An apartment home, but a home none the less. The apartment is brand new, built 2009. We're the only people in the entire building (at least for the time being). Our apartment is upstairs and we're on the corner so we only share one wall, which is amazing. You can go HERE for some pictures.

I've been feeling a little lost with where we belong as a family and this truly is an answer to my prayers.

I'm really really really sad to be leaving the Second Ward family. I really am. I've lived there basically my entire life and know everyone (give or take a few people.). And I've met some really great new people. Hopefully, although I know there are no families our age, I'll make a friend.

I'm just so excited to move. Just not the act itself. Unfortunately, Jared is studying for finals the next few weeks which leaves me to do the move myself.

Anyone want to do some service? You could watch the boy or help me pack?!? I'll make you dinner?!?!