Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Here's a little update on our little guy.

Jared: you need to put on underwear
Joel: I don't want to put underwear on.
Jared: You need to put it on because it protects your bum.
Joel: ....From dinosaurs?

Joel: Why do you have a band-aid?
Me: Because i have a cut on my finger.
Joel: Did a monster do it?

Joel: Mom, I'm pretty sure Fire Star is a bad guy.
Me: Why?
Joel: She's always setting things on fire.

Joel recently got super hero vitamins. There was a picture of Thor holding his hammer and Spiderman just below him.

Joel has been really great recently.At home at least. I recently started a full time job as a preschool teacher and Joel and Evie get to come with me. He loves it and he has two Braylin friends (whom he talks about constantly).

He now has a new love of anything Spiderman or superhero related. Jared is currently watching the "basics" of cartoons with him. Things like, the X-Men, the original Spiderman, Thundercats, and many more.

He's grown up so much recently. He went from loving Diego and The Wonderpets, to loving big boy things like X-Men, Spiderman, and Power Rangers.

Joel is sticking up for his sister now and they are getting along much better! He actually likes sharing with her and looks out for her well being often.

Joel is truly a good boy and i love him so much.