Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Park.

We love the PARK! I've decided that in the morning, we're going to walk to the park. and if we feel like it... we'll go to the park in the afternoon.

He loved loved loved the birds. and now says "KUCK! wow Kuck!" (meaning duck...)

Then we got to the park and he goes straight for the stroller...

So I put him up in the swing. And he hated it.

And the, like a true little boy, he played in the dirt.

And I finally saw got him up on the slide, and look how pretty cute he is:)

And can you really resist this.... face? "I CAN'T smile mooom!"

And then after he went down the slide he was all about climbing up the stairs for the slide.

He wasn't so sure of the bridge. I wouldn't be either if there was a gaping "holes" on the size bigger than me....

And the BEST picture of them all, I left him at the top of the slide so he could learn to go down him self... not a good idea.

Yeah, we have fun there. I have a few videos. But they're on my phone and my phone is lost. :)

In other news, he says ball, button, truck, duck, and wow. He's getting sooo cute. I love playing with him.

Love him.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


We've had a rough couple of days.

I'm a little lost.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Fetus.

Well, we had our first ultra-sound. It was kind of scary because the Doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the dopplar (what is the spelling of that?). BUT! All is well.

Ok. So. After the doctor tried the dopplar, Joel, Jared and I went into the ultrasound room. The lady, who was super rude, said to us "I need to let you know that we don't typically let children come into the ultrasound room so, just next time, don't worry about bringing him."

so, my jaw dropped a little bit and I said, "Well, Jared, how about you can sit in here, see the baby and take Joel out to the waiting room."

So, Jared kind of nodded, the ultrasound lady put the thing on me and Jared had like, 15 seconds to look before she said, "Alright. There you go." and shooed Jared out of the room.

wow. a little abrupt, you think?

So, during the whole ultrasound, she was like, "do you need to pee? Your bladder is full." "Are you sure you don't need to pee? Look at your bladder!" "Just know we have a bathroom just down the hall."

This woman was nutz-o.

and, PS, I did NOT have to pee.

Anyway. This baby likes to MOVE! I mean, he/she is a mover and a shaker. It makes me nervous for future months when he/she can reach my ribs. My poor poor ribs. We didn't get a good video of the baby kicking their legs. (I'm having a hard time not putting this in "his" or "her" terms.)

In other news. We finished our first family vacation! Yay! It was really great! Friday we were in south Haven, MI, Monday we were in Lafayette, IN, and by Tuesday we were in Clarksville, TN. It was fun. Some of Jared's family, some of my family. It was a blast. And Joel did SO well! I have some funny videos I need to post of him being GLUED to the laptop watching cars. Maybe I'll post about it tomorrow.

I love my family. Jared is so good to my family, Joel makes me smile and cry everyday, and this new baby is really making me excited.

It's been a GREAT day.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I guess I'll blog...

Well! So much for the whole "not sick" idea of pregnancy. Last week we all had a bug and I'm just now eating fooood! Mmm. I love food.

I went to my first doctors visit today! Everything looks normal and I couldn't hear the heart beat. My Uterus is tipped? It's normal, I guess. I go back in two weeks and I'm really hoping that Jared and Joel will come along. It's not like Joel will care, but I'll like it if he's there.

I love love love love my doctor. We talked a lot about my chances of a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and she really likes the idea. The latest she'll let me go is October 8th (Renee`s birthday which is kind of exciting.) What she said to me is EXACTLY what Jared and I talked about and had planned. I really like her. AND!!! Pretty much every stranger that I've told I'm pregnant and it was planned that the babies would be so close have basically said, "Wow, weirdo." And she said, "I'm so excited for you to have two babies really close! I think it's a great idea!" love her.

On the rude note. I need some help. I have a co-worker who has been really really rude about this pregnancy. Anytime it comes up (and it comes up a lot), she says things like, "Haven't you heard of birth control?" or, "You want to be one of THOSE families?" or, "Man, you should really look in to only having two." It's really starting to hurt my feelings. Maybe it's just the pregnancy talking, i dont know. My question is do i say something? The season is almost over and i guess i can blow it off, but the whole "birth control" comment all most pushed me to tears.

Ugh. Alright.Maybe I'll post joel photos. He's been REALLY cute the past few weeks.