Monday, September 19, 2011


On Satuday Jared usually takes a trek to Martin's for some doughnuts. It's a new tradition in the Toney house! We love it. It's usually,

Sprinkles for Joel,

Glazed for Miss Evie,

And always a chocolate milk for my handsome husband.

And best of all? No pictures of me. haha.


"Dad, what are you doing?"
"Rolling up the the toilet paper so Evie doesn't get it."
"Oh, that makes sense."

"How are you doing today, Joel?"
"I'm doing great!"

"Mom, can I be your tiny little baby?"

After asking to do something, the response now is,
"Sure! Sure! Sure!"

"You can't be serious, Mom."

"Can I make good choices now?"

"Can we go on an adventure?"

"Can we go to Infinity and Beyond today?"

"Mom! Lay down. I'll give you a 'Ma-shaw-sh' (massage)"

I love it now how after he meets people, he'll say things like,
"That was my new favorite lady."
"She was such a nice lady."
"What a funny lady, mom!"

Like yesterday, we have some friends we go on walks with in the morning. The mother gave a talk in church yesterday, he shouted,
"It's my nice Sister Butler!! She's talking!"

or a little later in the meeting, during prayer of course, he says loudly,
"Mom. You have a private body! Look! I see it! I'll put my hands right here."

Thanks, Joel. You keep me on my toes and watch what i say.