Saturday, April 30, 2011


He's got more "sayings". Joelisms, if you will. (i kinda stole this from you, Naomi. Thanks :))


If you ask him any question these days, the answer is typically, "I think so."


if he's tired? He always says "momma, scratch-a-back.", points to his back, and expects you to rub his back.


He's started to draw things. Like Daddy, mommy, a bunny, a snake, a panda stuck in a hole... a knife... you know. the usual. ahaha.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We finally are having great weather! Last week i took the kids out four days in a row! It was amazing. I tried Evie in the swing, and she LOVED it.

She loved looking at her feet and the shadows.

I didn't get any of joel. He was too busy "finding friends."


Doesn't every sibling feel the way these two are feeling?


Evie is the best baby ever. Seriously. That girl doesn't cry unless she needs something, and it's awesome. Sometime I take advantage of the fact she is so nice. Like the other day. She was ready to get up from nap... i wasn't. so i just let her be by herself for a while. i went in to check on her and she fell asleep again mid play. What a good girl.

Before I Forget...

I need to start blogging all the cute things Joel says now-a-days.

Like this morning.

After being sent to his room for some debacle at breakfast, Joel stomps into the bathroom where i'm getting ready for church. He states the following in the most upset voice he can muster.

"Mom! My mom and dad won't let me eat my cereal for breakfast!"

I respond, "Do you need to tell your daddy sorry?"


He walks to the kitchen and says,
"Daddy, I'm uhh...."

I yell across the house, "SORRY!"


He responds, "SORRY!"

He's just too funny. He'll come up to me and he'll say,
"mom, you have princess hair today."


oh or,
"Mom, happy birthday. It's my birthday cake time!"

He's starting to pretend. He'll come up and ask for a pizza, or hamburger. I quickly "make" some and he carefully shares it with us. Or we guess what's inside of semi trucks. Lately the guess is candy. Or tires.

Or we'll be reading his scriptures and he'll tell me where Jesus is and where John the Baptist is. Or he'll explain how the Liahona works. Now that is fun to listen to.

He often will ask for his special friends at the park or any of his cousins.

He's so funny and smart and a brat and such a little boy. We love him so much.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


::deep sigh::

He is such a goof.

The Prince

Joel came up to me the other day,

"mom! your hair is so boo-tiful (beautiful). Like a princess!"

"Thank you Joel."

"I'm a princess!"

"No, you're a prince."

"I need a crown!"

So, i proceeded to get a Happy Birthday crown, and tie a blanket around his neck.

He was "Prince Joel" all day. He got the cutest looks during grocery shopping.

6 months.

My sweet baby girl is 6 Months today!! It's really sad. And happy, I guess. It's just so strange because I still picture her as a tiny baby, then I see other newborn babies and I realize she's not... like when she does this!

I have such mixed emotions today.

Some things about Evie:
-She is the best baby ever. Heavenly Father new when He sent her to me that I needed a happy, and lovely child. She's so happy and friendly.

-She hates tummy time. Hates it.
-She scoots on her back, but not when you're looking. I'll put her down, walk away, come back and she's missing... Like she's under the bed. Or a mirror has fallen on her head (That's for another post...)

-She eats ALL the time, but only bottles. She'll eat 6-8oz, and two hours later, she'll have another 4oz. She will not eat solids regularly. She'll eat fruit smoothies, yogurt, cream cheese won-tons, but nothing that she is supposed to eat. Like applesauce, or rice cereal.
-She will not sleep through the night. She will if she goes to bed at like, 11. But momma don't play that way.

-She LOVES LOVES LOVES Joel. He's starting to play with her and he loves to make her laugh. She loves when he pays the least bit of attention to her. They'll be friends soon enough.
-She gives kisses! Slobbery, boogery, kisses.
-She loves her Johnny Jump-up, and exersaucer. A lot.
-Basically, she's a happy, lovely, friendly, beautiful child.

We love her so so so much. She makes me, and our family so happy. :)