Friday, December 20, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

Dear Friends and Family,

     What a year for our little family! So much has happened! In early spring, Jared graduated from Indiana University with honors with a degree in Biology. He then was accepted in to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Tennessee Memphis Health and Science Center. We moved to Memphis, Tennessee  July 1st, and we've enjoyed it thus far! There's a children's museum,  a great zoo, and a really cool park we go to often. After living in a tiny apartment for about five months, Jared had the idea of buying a house! So, in a matter of a month, we found, purchased, and moved into our first home! It was a wild, and huge choice, but we are loving it. So what's been going on with our family?

     Jared? Well! He's been one busy guy! He graduated from IU and is so busy being a student at UTHSC. He usually is gone about 12 hours a day with school and studying. He recently rushed with the Phi Delta Chi fraternity and will pledge in January. Something out of his comfort zone, but so good for him. He also joined the Association of Student Pharmacists. He's been very involved with school, and is enjoying it... Most of the time. : )

    Joel is being such a boy. He's growing up very very fast lately! This year, he enjoyed playing with Elijah (a friend from South Bend), learning to tell time, learning how to be a friend to his sister, moving to a big house, learning how to cook with mom, baking, learning responsibility with feeding the animals, and running in our back yard. He loves to play dress up and cars. Recently, he's been very interested how the human body works. What is a digestive system? What does a brain do? Why do we need skin? Questions like these happen all the time! He's a very curious little guy. He still says Grady is his best friend.

     Evie is still little miss spunk. She's into everything. Dumps everything out. She's such a sneak about it! Evie has really enjoyed the Zoo, finding a new friend everywhere she goes, shopping with mommy, painting and drawing. She's also into coloring and drawing. She carries a note pad around and "takes notes". She's not a physical kid. Mostly snuggling, and playing indoors. She sings CONSTANTLY! She's not into baby dolls, but is into stuffed animals. She continues to say Kate is her best friend.

     I'm FINALLY a stay at home mom again. It was a long year working! I was so sad to have to quit my job I had before we moved, but I'm loving being with my babies. I recently finished my testing to become a  Nationally Certified Child Development Associate. It took a year in the making, and a three separate tests, but it's done! I now am working on our playroom (with the help of Jared) to have our house be state licensed so i can stay home with my kids, and work with kids as well. I'm excited. I also have been called as PRIMARY PRESIDENT! What the heck is that all about!? This is going to be a crazy calling.

     I'd like to say that WE got a dog, but she's really mine. Piper is an American Dingo and she is MY dog. She follows me around the house. She's really great with the kids and has never been aggressive toward them. Even when Evie dresses her up in dress up clothes! She is seriously the best dog ever!

     We've been really blessed this year. A great school, great kids, great house, great family! Maybe in the next year we'll have an announcement for ya. :) but not yet!

The Toney Family