Thursday, November 8, 2012

"I'm Te-ew"

Baby girl turned 2 October 7, 2012. I would have more pictures but all the other ones we have you can see up my skirt! It's terrible! Those will not be posted. 
This Evie's princess dress. She got it from Grandma Toney. She loves it!

Likes: Everything is a princess. She loves dresses, shoes, doing the dishes, puppies, chasing the cat, going to school, reading, pony's, books, singing, doing what ever her brother is doing, stealing things from Joel.

Dislikes: Eating dinner.... that's about it. It is ALWAYS a fight. 

She can: sing, count to 5, walk up the stairs one at a time, twirl, jump on one foot, 

She has the funniest way of talking. She over extends her tongue from time to time and it's so funny! Especially words with double "L". Like balloon, yellow, watermelon... It's so fun to watch. 

 Sometimes, when she's getting real serious, she points at you while she's talking. As if to remind you who's in charge! 

She picks on Joel allllll the time! Joel hardly bothers her, but boy does she get him. 

She's getting old enough to where she's starting to actually play. She feeds, rocks, and sings to her baby dolls. She loves playing with cars/trucks (she is a little sister after all). 

Evelean Ruth Toney, we love you and we are so happy you are in our family! 

November 5, 2012

So, while sitting on the potty, and while I was getting ready, I reached over Joel to grab a "feminine product". I proceeded to go about my duties, and I hear Joel whimpering in the bathroom. He's going on about saying "I need something to protect my bum..." Jared and I usually tell him that wearing underwear protects your bum. We kept talking to him reassuring him that it would continue to do the same. He was insistant that underwear was not enough, and he needed something else. So, i finally went into the bathroom and talked to him and he said, "I just need something like you have to protect your bum." I about DIED laughing realizing that he wanted a pantie liner in his underwear! He's so funny!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grandparents Day

 At school, the kids had grand parents day. Grandpa Toney went to visit Evie's class and Grandma Toney visited Joel's class.