Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sidewalk Chalk Day

The Brooks Museum held a celebration on their front steps a few days ago, celebrating sidewalk chalk! They invited the community to come and draw and play together. There were tons of families but there were also professionals drawing as well. It was fascinating to see these people work! 

My kids drew for about five minutes, then they were done! 

They other cool part was they ha the muse open for free! We mainly stayed in the Dahli exhibit they had. It was so cool to see his work up close. 
"We're best friends, mom!" 

The Brooks Museum of Art

One of the best things about Memphis is the free an cheap things to do as a homeschooling family. Every semester, the Brooks Muesum of Art holds free tours for homeschooled children in the Memphis area. They seperate the kids in age groups, and they tour and take about specific topics. This trip was all about texture. The facilitator was AMAZING with the kids! She knew how to crowd manage this age group! We went on a texture hunt through the whole museum. It was amazing. 

This sculpture is in the front of the Brooks. It's pretty amazing. 

At the end of the tour, they made a texture collage. 

We will for sure be participating I this again! 

Grandma and Grandpa Miller Visit

My parents came to visit in February. They tried to get away from the cold weather, but unfortunalty they came during one of the coldest weekends we had all winter! We enjoyed their company. While they visited, we went to the Fire Museum of Memphis. It was pretty cool. 

Here, they had a fire fightingsimulator. It raised the kids about 6ft off of the ground to spray at a fire. It was pretty cool.  

Joel enjoyed sliding down the fire pole. 

Evie was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing. She refused to be photographed. 

We had to take a trolley ride! It is Memphis after all! 

We had fun going to Corky's BBQ, and I took my mom around to the awesome goodwill's we have! 

We loved hosting my parents. 


This is about the most snow we had all winter. I enjoyed it for that morning, and then I was done! We love the weather down here. 


For his birthday, Joel got a set of k'nex from his Aunt Becca. He was so excited! He built this helicopter (mostly) by himself. The look of pride he had on his face was amazing. He's growing too fast! 

Joel's 5th Birthday

Joel has been food dye free since he was two. Since then, he' only had white frosting. Imagine how happy this kid was to find out his cupcakes were colored and he could eat them! 

Joel had an awesome birthday. I asked him what he wanted to do, an he said, "let just go to an art museum!" Well... The were all closed because it was a Monday! We did end up going to the children's museum and out to lunch. 

Joel is a sensitive boy. He is very "type A" . He enjoys being in control, and the boss . He's very imaginative! He's always thinking of ideas and places and he loves dressing up. He loves play dough and Legos and video games with dad. 

Joel, we love you. We love you in our family. You are loud and bossy and creative and we wouldn't change it for the world! 

Birthday Traditions

For the last two years, Joel and I have gone to a Mexican restraint for his birthday. It's nice to celebrate with him with our favorite food. Happy birthday, big guy! 


How did I forget this one?! I love seeing my kids with their grandparents. Especially when they're all snuggled up together :) 

Fur Babies.

I've got the best fur-babies as well. 

Piper is the best dog. She lets Evie crawl all over her, cover her with blankets, kick her :) she has neve growled, backed or nipped at her! She's great! 

And draper only love me because I fees him :) 

Play Dough

My kids love sensory activities. We made cornflower play dough and it was way fun! 

It uses hair conditioner, so it smelled really good! 

I love being able to play with my kids. 

Wedding Dress

While we were in Indiana, Evie begged me to see my wedding dress. How could I resist when she asked me if she could put it on?! She was so happy, though she did NOT want me take a picture of it! She said she would wear it to the temple someday. 

She's growing up too fast.

Toney Christmas Party

We spent a week and a half in Indiana for Christmas. During that time, we had a Toney family Christmas party. The michigan family came down to my in laws house and we ate and played games! Evie loved the attention during the party. Joel was too busy playing with his second cousins to be seen at all that night! 

She couldn't keep her hads off of grandma's tree either! 

This is Jace and Conner, Jared's cousins. They were true troupers letting Evie climb all over them and making them snuggle! 

And lastly, she found Grandpa Great. Jared's grandfather typically sits in a corner and people kind of pass him by, but he got a lap full Jen Evie decided he needed a buddy :) I think he liked being loved on :) 


Joel has three boy cousins that are all about his same age. Unfortunately, we no longer live close to any of them. While living in Indiana, Joel became very close to Grady, my sisters boy. Joel misses him and talk about him often. 

Another one of his cousins is Calvin. He is my brothers son. Joel and Calvin have only met once. We FaceTime every now and then and I love it! This particular FaceTime session was dedicated to them fighting zombies.