Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ah ha! My garden is officially growing! Look at me... I'm a natural :)

Cilantro sprouts!

Two of the MANY tomatoes I have growing.

And two tiny peppers growing.

No bell peppers yet. but there are a lot of buds on them. I'm way excited becuase i thought i killed all my plans. My tomatoes were looking VERY homely but I got some fertilizer from my mom and they perked up the next day! Yay!

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

Let me first say, that I'm blogging with internet explorer today and it's not going as well as i would have hoped.... for some reason, i can't move the pictures or upload any videos. So, I've rewritten this blog about a half a dozen times. Irritating.

So, Joel loves his daddy. A lot. I pretty much dissapear when he comes home. And Jared is such a good dad for him. The other day, we went outside and the wrestled. I mean, come on! Look at how much fun they're having!

Joel and his Car are also best buds... too bad his legs are too long for it anymore. Poor kid! His age is perfet for this car but he's just too big to get it to really go!

This is a "wee-ooo"

And this is "gass" according to Joel.

Only Daddy can help him!

He ALWAYS tries to get on backwards firs, then realizes his mistakes and flips around.

The beginnings of "Patty-Cake"

"Waaaay easier than trying to drive it."

"How the duce do I get on this thing?"

I love my boys! Joel is growing up too fast!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a day!

So! We have had quite the busy day today! Joel and I went to a Mommy and Me lap-sit this morning. It was so much fun. Everything we did, he could say the words which made it that much more exciting for him. We played with bubbles, ducks, balls, and we danced. It really was fun. But I locked my keys in my car so we had to stay longer and play with different toys at the Library. He was not disappointed. :)

On our way home, we saw a train and every truck known to mankind and if you have a toddler boy who is tired and hungry in your car, you can understand that this was the PERFECT ride home.

During his nap I got my garden planted! Well, my kind of garden. Lots of flowers,

And my Salsa garden! Tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro.

This is called a "cherry bomb" pepper.... I'm a little nervous to try it.

Then, my BABY!!!!! was delivered today. Our dryer went kaputz so we had to get a new one. this was an expired model from last year and they no longer make this color so they can't get a washer to match. So it made it cheap. It's awesome and we got a really good deal on it! I've never been so excited for a dryer.

Then after nap, we went to the pool and Joel was swimming all by himself! I really wish I had my camera with me. He was so brave! Plus Jared did a great job getting him excited about the water. But then came the sad part of our day... Joel's first head wound. We didn't strap him in the stroller after the pool because of the towel, and we made it all the way to our building before he reached for the wheels. Just as Jared was saying, "Hold on buddy!" He went head first into the sidewalk. At least he got a Popsicle. (his first, by the way)

It's a pretty bad bit of road rash and a goose egg on his forehead, but it's not bothering him at all now. Poor kid.

To round off my day, I made my first batch of Freezer Jam. So proud of me! It's really easy.

So, all in all we've had a BUSY day. I'm really hoping he sleeps well tonight.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a......


We're so excited! Her name is going to be Evalene Ruth Toney (after my great aunt and grandmother). I seriously could not believe it. When i was putting Joel down for a nap today, seriously had a feeling it was a boy. So, i went in thinking that it was with out a doubt a boy.... wrong. I totally held it together until she said it was a girl, and i cried.

Wow. A boy and a girl. Perfect :)

This is the best of the 3D shots that the tech could get. She kept putting her hands up by her face or her arm covering her face... so, not the best one :) By the way, she punched herself in the face as this was being taken. so funny.

And, just for fun, Proof that this baby is a girl :)

the videos aren't working right now, so i'll have to get them posted another time. enjoy :)