Friday, December 30, 2011


We got MORE than our fair share this year for Christmas!
Our immediate family did Christmas on Christmas Eve. We then traveled to my parents house for our Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Miller.
Joel got a SWEET super hero cape.

That evening, Santa came!

And then we went out to my parents barn and the grand kids acted out the nativity.

Joseph- Grant
Mary- Kate
Wise men- Joel and Gavin
Angel- Grace
Shepherds- Grady, Chelsea, Samantha
Sheep- Evie

It was so much fun! Joel had more fun playing in the hay than being a wise men.

Christmas Day we went to church and afterwards we went to Grandma and Grandpa Toney's house where we got spoiled yet another time. We spent the day napping and playing with our toys and games.

We Know How To Boogie

Evie Loves Stuffed Animals

Us Lately.

Taken Fall 2011

Evie Girl

A little update on Evelean.

Evie is almost 15 months!
  • Babies. Both real and pretend.
  • Dogs! This girl loves dogs! I wish we could get one just to see her smile the way she does at them every day!
  • Terrorizing Joel. Constantly.
  • Dumping things out
  • Getting into cupboards
  • Milk
  • Goldfish
  • Blankets. Not anyone in particular, but she usually is carrying one around.
  • Papa. Either one.
  • Food. She is really particular. She'll eat all the baby food in the world, but give her the unprocessed version and she's out. It's been difficult to get her to try a variety of foods.
  • Having things taken away from her.
  • Brushing her teeth
  • Getting her hair brushed.
  • Not being allowed to play with the trash or recycling.
  • Car rides
  • Putting on shoes, clothes, coats...
  • Church. She hates having to sit still.
She can say:
  • Papa
  • Ball
  • Dog
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Becca
  • Kitty Cat
  • Moo
  • Cow
  • Duck
  • Baby
  • Bye-Bye
  • Hi
  • Bottle
She shakes her head yes but mostly no.
She loves to CLIMB. On anything and everything.
She loves to SIT. On anything and everything. Jared and I often joke about getting her a "backing up beeper" because before she sits on something, she sticks her butt out and then plops down.
She is generally happy. Especially while making a mess.
She loves riding in the stroller and watching what Joel is doing.

We love having you a round even though you are, what we call, a destruct-o-saurus.

Waking Up

This little girl is amazing. She probably wakes up about 7:30am or so, but just lays in bed and sings until i get her up. Sometimes i take advantage of it and sleep in, sometimes i get in a quick shower. Either way, she's such a happy soul. We're so glad she is!


Happy Halloween!
This year we went as Garden Gnomes and Gardeners.
Both male, with a fuzzy beard,

And Female, with a fun hat...

and circle skirt.

And you can see how much she enjoyed wearing the hat!

We had a lot of fun at our ward trunk or treat this year. There were a ton of games for the kids to play and Joel had so much fun running around with the big kids. And we decorated a "Halloween Picnic" to go along with our costumes. Joel LOVED handing out the candy.

Here is a little video of our patch of floor for the trunk or treat.

A few days later we went trick-or-treating around our neighbor hood. Grandpa figured a way to get Evie to wear her hat! I was super excited.

We had a really grate time this year and i was so proud of their costumes i made. Didn't they look super cute?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We found this really cool pumpkin patch down the road from our house this year. It was just small enough that the kids didn't get overwhelmed with things to do! Joel loved it! He paced up and down the rows probably a dozen times!

Evie, on the other hand, was not too sure about them.

After Joel chose his pumpkin, i thought he would never put it down!

We then went home and decorated them.

Joel's Finished product:

Evie's master piece:

And my little beauty:

Jared took his time and actually didn't get finished or a picture taken of his.

My Handsome Little Man

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"He's stuck in a ditch!"

Joel is best best friends with his cousin Grady. They have so much fun together. They destroy (dig) my mothers garden, they play in the castle, they climb on tractors... they love to spend time together.

Well. I was at my moms house, and Grady came over so he and Joel could play. It had been raining for three days previous. We warned them not to go into the garden because the dirt was too wet. They run off and play.

Probably twenty minutes later, Grady comes running in the house, covered in mud. We ask him,
"What happened?"
Grady: "I was digging and i lost my boot in the mud but i climbed out."
Me: "Where is Joel?"
Grady: (loudly responds) "He's stuck in the ditch!"

Well, we all weren't too sure what was going on. we kind of figured it wasn't a big deal. Just two boys playing. I went to get Evie, and Erin, my sister, went to check on Joel. My mom comes in and gets me and she is laughing hysterically. Joel was stuck in the wet garden up to his knees in mud. Erin apparently had to use her fully body weight to pull this kid out of the ground.

She finally got him out and this boy had mud everywhere. I mean, in his boots, in his socks, in his underwear, in is pockets... everywhere.

He was so stuck, we had do dig his boots out of the mud with a rake.

I'm so sad i don't have a picture, but the story is enough for me. :)

Oh, little boys.

Belly Buttons

Do you know what your belly button was used for?

Evie's First Birthday

Evie had such a great birthday. Besides the THREE cakes i managed to destroy, it all wen't pretty stress free!

Every girl needs a little Fancy Nancy
Check out the most beautiful quilt from Aunt Shannon. I so wish i was that talented.

I said "Cake!" and these two buddies were RIGHT there. They all helped blow out the candle.
What is a big brother and a cousin if they don't blow your candle out for you on your birthday.
Can you spot Joel in this picture?

We love you baby girl. We're so happy you're one and we're excited to meet the little girl you'll be shortly.

Spray Bottle

We're milking the last few nice days outside at our house. Today, it was the spray bottle. He played outside for three hours today! Needless to say, I've had a quiet afternoon.

Setting the Table.

I know it's kind of cheesy, but Joel set the table all by himself. It was really sweet and he was so proud of himself. Good job, buddy.

Monday, September 19, 2011


On Satuday Jared usually takes a trek to Martin's for some doughnuts. It's a new tradition in the Toney house! We love it. It's usually,

Sprinkles for Joel,

Glazed for Miss Evie,

And always a chocolate milk for my handsome husband.

And best of all? No pictures of me. haha.