Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Toney Family Photo-shoot, 2011

Well, this was an interesting time to say the least. I knew the memory would be a funny one considering in December when we tried to get a family picture taken, it took us THREE separate appointments for only two decent shots.

So this is how THIS photo-shoot went down.

First and foremost, we had to wear white. It looked awesome, don't get me wrong, but... come on. we should have know better. Second of all, we had to wake Joel up from a nap. Anyone who has been in a five mile radius knows what happens when you wake him up mid-sleep. He's not a happy camper. After much screaming, we finally convinced him to go outside with us when Evie spit up carrots on not only herself, but on poor Aunt Amber as well. We finally got outside and Joel would not sit still. (hence none of our immediate family pictures came out well. no fault to Lori. ) I convinced Joel to blow on a dandelion for a while and then he was done. He saw the wheelbarrow and proceeded to take rides. Want to know why the "boys only" pic was weird? Because Jared walked in circles, stopped for a picture, then kept going. We moved on to other pictures until IT happened. Joel, in his lovely white shirt, fell into the fire pit. He was no longer his previous white, but now a lovely shade of gray. Nice. So, Grandma Toney gets the awesome idea to turn his shirt inside out and finally someone gets the idea to bribe him with candy!! (we're all a little slow for not picking up on that one sooner.) We finally got a few shots of Joel smiling at the very end.

so there you have it. taking pictures with children is HARD.

My awesome sister-in-law took on this task and did a fantastic job once again. Thank you so much