Thursday, July 2, 2015

Where can you find Joel?

Playing MineCraft

He also recently read in front of the whe primary!! Very proud! 

Finger puppets

Evie thought Sylvia needed to learn how to play finger puppets. 

Two months

Sylvie turned 2 months the other day! 

Since eliminating dairy from my diet, she's doing much better. Lots less crying. Lots less stress. She can roll from her belly to her back and loves doing it! She loves watching her brother and sister and can be found most often in my baby wrap or her swing. 

I snapped a few pictures of this precious babe, and big sister was WAY into helping me out. 

Evil is still adjusting to the role of big sister. It's a big job. We're doing our best to fill her will love and kindness and understanding. She is very happy with lots of one on one attention and if you want to make that girl feel important, paint her nails! She loves digging in out sand box and dressing up. 

Joel is doing well. "Big" is a role he's had for a while now.  He does it so well! He's recently become OBSESSED with MoneCraft and we can get many reading minutes for screen time in during the day. He also has learned to ride a two wheeled bike and has permission to ride I the sidewalk by our house. Longer leashes make a momma nervous! 

Chiropractic Care Saved Us!

If you have a baby like this....... 

And you want a baby like this....

Take her to a chiropractor!! Since birth, Sylvia has been a screamer. Just constant yelling all. Day. Long. It made for a stressful situation. I was getting to a breaking point. Finally I got an appointment to see a chiropractor and that day, she was a changed baby. Happy, sming, POOPING!!! A lovely change. I will never doubt chiropractor magic!