Sunday, February 2, 2014

My slow, steady, constant mess and my active, loyal, learner.

Miss Evie lately.

Evie is my slow, steady, constant mess. She has little patience. She's a fifty-fifty combination of self reliant and needy. I never know which fifty percent I'm going to get. She'll dress her self, pick out her clothes, and then is spoon fed. Meal times have never been her strong suit. It's a constant battle to get her to eat. (unless it's a carbohydrate or sugar!) She is dumper.

She. Is. Stubborn. Boy! Is she stubborn. Shirts can't have yellow in them. She must have three blankets to sleep. Her teeth are brushed and THEN she'll go the potty. She won't pee if the toilet makes a noise. She cannot sleep under her comforter. She cannot sleep on top of her comforter. It usually ends up in a pile at the foot of her bed each night. She has to have pick on how she does her hair. I have yet to find her "currency". What really drives her. It's not competition. It's not rewards. It's not removal of toys. I need to soon or that poor girl and I will explode!

She's my snuggler! I will rock that little girl until dawn til dusk if she asked me. She curls up into the crook of my arm and just lays there. It's my favorite part of the day. And her hugs at the end of the day are the BEST hugs.

She is artistic! She will paint, and paint, and paint, until the cows came home! Mixing colors, gluing until the bottle was gone, String beads, molding play-dough, you name it.

She likes to pretend and is starting to play more and more with dolls. She hasn't really gotten into them until recently. She likes poly pockets, barbies and is very particular about modesty. She likes real babies and loves to "hug" our dog. Good thing Piper is such a good sport.

She's also a loner. Not ever really interested in making friends in public places and is more interested in digging in the dirt. If someone came to her, she would engage, but she rarely goes beyond herself to invite someone to play with her. I think she would like a friend, but isn't quite sure how to just, "join in".
 Mr Joel lately:

Joel enjoys playing with Lego's, action figures, dress up, and is constantly moving! Soccer! Somersaults! Jumping! Basketball! Karate! You name it, he loves it. Recently he took Jared and Evie outside to play kick the can.  He's starting a karate class next week and Soccer this summer.

He's a creator, and dreamer, and learner. He has taught himself simple math, most of his letter sounds, and is constantly asking, "why?" or "how?". He loves to paint, mix pour, cook, bake, and tell time!

He's sensitive and energetic. He likes to be in control and has a hard time out of it. He likes a schedule and to know what's coming next. He's very friendly and loyal friend and brother.Recently a group of boys at the park were making fun and spitting at Evie. He loudly and boldly told them to, "LEAVE MY SISTER OUT OF THIS!" He is also extremely loyal and is heart broken when the friendship is not mutual.

 Joel is constantly eating! I cannot keep him full. He will eat (in one sitting) three full size pancakes, sausage and an egg. Seriously. He's a Joke-teller! Always cracking jokes. Making up funny words

I love seeing who this kid is. I love seeing him teach himself and learn. I love his sensitivity. I love his loyalty. He's awesome!