Sunday, June 3, 2012

Children's Museum.

During Christmas break, we spent a couple of days in Indianapolis. We stayed with my best friend, Becca! We went to the Children's Museum with her and her boyfriend, Cory. It was really awesome because he interned there for a year so he was our personal tour guide. He told us what to see, what to take time and what to fly through.  It was really great. 

There was a really cute Barbie exhibit. I love it. Becca loved it. The kids? Nope. Evie was too young and Joel did NOT care. But we still got this awesome picture at Barbie's desk.

Giant polar bear. 

Joel had a hard time getting out of the Indy car. He kept asking to go back to it!

This was a giant blown glass sculpture that was at least four stories high. It was really cool. There was a place with a bunch of couches you could lay on and look up, but it was so packed, we couldn't get in to see. 

Evie, climbing on something she shouldn't be climbing on. Typical. 

BFF! :)

She was not sure about the carousel. 

Two of my favorite people. (especially my Becca)

there was this little place about India. There were houses that they could go through. Evie loved it. The best part of this video is Jared at the end!

. In the middle of the front lobby they had a snowball fight! it was so cute! Joel had a lot of fun with that. 

he loved playing on the diggers!

we had such a good time!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why the long absence?

Well, it's been a while. Before I start on the photo update, i'll update you!

For starters! In February, I went back to work. Not something I really wanted to do, but had to. Luckily i found a  job at Growing Kids (a local preschool chain). This is where I worked while pregnant with Joel . I went back because i needed to have my kids close and! i get to be in the infant room which is awesome! I love it in there. We have such good babies.

Adjusting to going back to work, sending my children to be cared for by women i don't know is more difficult than i ever imagined!Well, what is making this transition easier? My kids love their teachers. Joel's teachers i'm still working on loving, but at least Evie i know is ok. Her teachers are so wonderful. I trust them, and i trust they love her. I say, "Let's go to school." and she get's excited and first, she says, "Abbey!", a girl in her class. And then, "Mo-geen!" (Morgan), one of her teachers. Joel is making a lot of new friends and is really growing socially. He often talks about all of his friends and truly tells on himself at the end of the day. He says things like, "I hit so-n-so today." Or, "I didn't listen to Miss Tika." He's quite honest. 

In finding a new job, we had to move! AGAIN! (by the way, this will be the third time in three and a half years) The center I'm located in, is in South Bend. We kind of have been thinking of moving this way considering the price of gas and the amount of time Jared was spending driving! I was so sad to leave out apartment. That is so strange to say! But I have SO many great memories there. That was our first family home. That was where i feel like i truly bonded with Joel. That was where we brought Evie home. Those two years there will be so sweet to me. So many memories.

Our new home is.... tiny. We do have a good neighborhood. And our house is nice, but it is small. At least we have a basement! We live a block away from a pretty big park and we're only about ten minutes from work and school. The kids love that we have a porch to play on and a yard to run in. Joel also loves his toy basement. :)

All in all, we're trying out best to adjust to our tiny home, our lack of time, and our adjustment to these huge life changes!