Saturday, August 25, 2012


We have a new member of our family! This is Draper. He's probably the perfect cat. He loves Joel, he tolerates Evie, and he is so laid back. 

The other day he wouldn't let Joel take a nap. HA!

Success :)

Zoo Pass

We recently purchased a zoo pass so we can go to the zoo as often as we want! It's just around the corner and it's perfect to get the kids out of the house and doing something together. We got a butterfly garden pass for Evie and myself and a Train pass for Joel and Jared. 

These butterfly's were so cool. Evie loved watching them fly around and eat the fruit.

Train Ride!

Lake House 2012

This was one of the days of the reunion at the lake cottage. we had such a good time just laying around, eating, and building marshmallow guns!

Family Reunion 2012

For the first time in over 20 years, all eight of my siblings, their spouses, and all but three grandchildren and one great grand baby, spent a week with my parents. We had such a wonderful time reconnecting and spending time with cousins. We only had one fight and only one person went to the hospital! That's good odds! We went to Nate and Nikall's lake house, rode four wheelers, and spent a lot of time inside and in the pool because it was HOT!

I love my family :)

Putt Putt For The Fun Of It!

My sweet brother took our family photos at the putt-putt range. Between Joel falling asleep in the car on the way to the range, having to force wake him up, Evie running around like a CRAZY women, and bribing them all with candy if we could get one good shot, i think it all went pretty well!

Baa Baa Back Seep

Look at her eyes! She's so big. We kind of found out she could sing this song out of the blue! We didn't teach her, but her preschool teachers must have!

Dobbin's Cwip Cwop.

Ok, when this guys sings, he really sings! I mean, check out those lip moments! hahah!

The Fair 2012

we actually went to two fairs this year. First we went to the St. Joe fair to see all the animals.

This pig was really sweet. Joel was not having it. 

He loved me 

You can tell Evie was thrilled as well.

 Joel was really excited about being able to climb in the fire trucks.

Then we went to the Elkhart Fair. Evie LOVED the bunnies. We could hardly pull her away. 

Then we got to ride on the rides. 
Joel could ride ALL the kids rides by himself this year! He was so brave and had such a great time. 

I thought he was going to be terrified of this roller coaster, but he loved it! 

Of course, he chose Spiderman!

We could not get him off this motorcycle ride. He rode it probably a dozen times.