Monday, January 31, 2011

I guess I'll start with Christmas....

Well, I'm a bit behind...

We had an awesome Christmas this year! We did family Christmas a day early because our Christmas day was packed! But we had fun.

this is how it all started. hahaha. Aren't they showing the true Christmas spirit?

He slowly became interested.

Santa brought him a tool set. His favorite gift by far.

Joel's fat stack!

Santa visited Evie as well!

Joel helped her open her presents.

She got a baby doll and some books.

Evie didn't really care.... at all.

We had a great Christmas. And it was so fun with my babies.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day Off.

Just a quick post on my day off. :)

My friend Melanie took the kids so i could have a day to myself. And now that Evie is getting older, Joel is turning TWO!!, and Jared has started School, I forget to take pictures. Let alone make a post on my Blog.

Here is a little family update:

Joel is turning two. And if you don't believe me, spend some time with him!!! He's getting naughty. And it's sad! He's currently learning how to share (not only toys but mommy). Everything is, "MINE!". He's starting to play by himself which is nice. He'll make up songs, and make trains out of everything! Including my makeup! He loves Super Why, Diego (heaven help me), and "My Queen" (McQueen)...if you can't tell from the outfit.... (thanks to the Grandma's for that!)

He has "chores" now. He throws away all of the diapers and has to pick up his toys at night. Potty training... well he wants to wear under ware like daddy, but he won't sit on the potty. It's a work in progress. I don't think I'll really press that issue until this fall.

Evie is a DELIGHT! She is such a good baby. She's loves watching Joel play. We'll sit her in a chair and she watches Joel run around. She can't sleep in our room. She snores way too loud! She used to snort a lot so she's acquired the nick name, "snort". She also goes by, critter, baby girl, girly-girl, and tweeter-bug. She's sleeping through the night!!! I love it! She's only three months and has made me the happiest women in the world! Every once in a while, she'll wake up for a pacifier, but that's all. She hates tummy time and is a very sensitive soul. We love her.

Jared is possibly in his last semesters of school!!! HORRAY! Only four more years to go! haha.

I'm adjusting to having two kids. I can't get out of the house by myself until noon so i don't leave much! To keep me sane, i'm doing a lot of home improvement projects. I have a lot of "almost there!" going on.

Anyway. I'm going to go enjoy my day off. :)