Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"He's stuck in a ditch!"

Joel is best best friends with his cousin Grady. They have so much fun together. They destroy (dig) my mothers garden, they play in the castle, they climb on tractors... they love to spend time together.

Well. I was at my moms house, and Grady came over so he and Joel could play. It had been raining for three days previous. We warned them not to go into the garden because the dirt was too wet. They run off and play.

Probably twenty minutes later, Grady comes running in the house, covered in mud. We ask him,
"What happened?"
Grady: "I was digging and i lost my boot in the mud but i climbed out."
Me: "Where is Joel?"
Grady: (loudly responds) "He's stuck in the ditch!"

Well, we all weren't too sure what was going on. we kind of figured it wasn't a big deal. Just two boys playing. I went to get Evie, and Erin, my sister, went to check on Joel. My mom comes in and gets me and she is laughing hysterically. Joel was stuck in the wet garden up to his knees in mud. Erin apparently had to use her fully body weight to pull this kid out of the ground.

She finally got him out and this boy had mud everywhere. I mean, in his boots, in his socks, in his underwear, in is pockets... everywhere.

He was so stuck, we had do dig his boots out of the mud with a rake.

I'm so sad i don't have a picture, but the story is enough for me. :)

Oh, little boys.

Belly Buttons

Do you know what your belly button was used for?

Evie's First Birthday

Evie had such a great birthday. Besides the THREE cakes i managed to destroy, it all wen't pretty stress free!

Every girl needs a little Fancy Nancy
Check out the most beautiful quilt from Aunt Shannon. I so wish i was that talented.

I said "Cake!" and these two buddies were RIGHT there. They all helped blow out the candle.
What is a big brother and a cousin if they don't blow your candle out for you on your birthday.
Can you spot Joel in this picture?

We love you baby girl. We're so happy you're one and we're excited to meet the little girl you'll be shortly.

Spray Bottle

We're milking the last few nice days outside at our house. Today, it was the spray bottle. He played outside for three hours today! Needless to say, I've had a quiet afternoon.

Setting the Table.

I know it's kind of cheesy, but Joel set the table all by himself. It was really sweet and he was so proud of himself. Good job, buddy.