Monday, August 23, 2010

Terrible Moments

you know those days where you feel it in your gut that it's gonna be a bad day?


Joel and i had a rough morning and i had a terrible stomach ache after lunch so, we all took naps.

Daddy came home (which is Joel favorite part of the day) and we all went grocery shopping.

After we did our thang' we went to go get Gas. There were problems with my card, so i had to go inside and prepay. Jared stayed in the car with Joel. I come out from trying to get my Martins card to work, and i say "Jared, hand me my wallet out of the car." and he says....

"it's locked."

So, panic stricken, I ask him, "all of the doors?"


"holy crap Jared! Call someone right now!"

So, he goes into the gas station to get a lock smiths number.... and NO ONE is answering and i am PANICKING. By this point, Joel is screaming in the car.

It takes Jared a GOOD 20 min to get a hold of someone and that person says "call the cops"

So Jared calls the Police and they say they're "on their way"....

15 minutes after (total of about 45 minutes since we find out the car is locked) I look in the car and Joel is chocking himself with his car seat straps trying to get out of his seat. Great. More panic sets it.

Then a miracle happens.

A man and woman pull up next to us and they notice us freaking out over Joel's attempts to free himself.

And guess what.


So, the wife come over and gets the door open in two minutes.

I frantically pulled Joel out and cried.

They were so so so so nice.

(bonus points for goshen police department: They pulled up right as i was getting him out of the car.... 20 minutes after we called them.)

I am so grateful for little miracles that happen.... I feel kind of awful i didn't even think to say a prayer. Maybe we wouldn't have waited so long. Learning experience i guess. I'm so so so grateful that it was a nice day today as well. It could have been 90 degrees like it has been lately!

And, luckily, this was all the damage that joel did to himself. A little rope burn. Funny thing was, is Joel gets out of the car and what was the first thing he says?

"french fries, please."

We went to McDonalds for a "i'm so sorry you almost choked yourself in the hot locked car" Dinner.

Jared said it's a good thing we pay tithing or it could have been worse. aha.

ugh what a day....

Friday, August 20, 2010


Joel's first day of Nursery. It really makes me sad!!!! Gosh. 18 moths! I cannot believe it!

Before we left.
After a failed attempt to let him take a nap in the mothers room, we goofed with the camera before we went for our first attempt of leaving him in nursery.

After i told him to "smile" for the camera. Goof.
So, I tried to drop him off twice, and there was NO success on my part. But for grandma, he did JUST fine.

After church was over i tried to get a picture with his nursery teacher, but he freaked out.... i think he thought he was going back.

Big Boy!

Isn't my baby getting big!? he's going to be a big brother soon, and is now starting potty training!

He's a cheese ball for the camera now.

So proud.

The Fair.

We wen to the fair a few weeks ago with my family and I've just gotten around to posting. ahah. oh well.

What we did was we went to see the animals in the morning, took a nap, and then did the "rides" part.

Joel really liked the bunny. A lot. It was funny. He looked into the pen at the wood chips at first and said, "oh wow!" and then we pointed out the bunny on the stand that he could pet, and he got a lot more excited. We had a hard time dragging him away from it.

Then, the goats. That was funny to watch. The goats kept sticking their heads out and either chewing on the stroller or licking the wheels. And that freaked Joel out. He got brave enough to reach for them, but if they tried to lick him, he freaked out.

If you can't tell, at the end he's saying. "help me, Help."

I made friends with a pig. (and a pregnant goat, but we didn't get any pictures of that.)
He really really like the Pony

and the "chick chicks"
And then the rides.... we could get him on two. The first was the Carousel.
Before it started. Doesn't he look trusting of this big colorful horse?
then the ride started and we went from this....

To this pretty quickly.
And you can tell how he felt about the Ferris Wheel.

All in all we had a good day. And great fattening fair food. Elephant ears.... mmmmmm.

Best Buds.

After I came home from the doctor last night, this is what i came home to....

Two buddies playing video games and Rubics Cube.

Jared even let him "play"

OH Plants Vs. Zombies... You have truly taken over our home!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Sanity.

Ugh. So. I am project crazy. I've been feeling the "nesting" bug for quite some time now. And i don't know if that is the reason i've been finding things to do around the apartment.I just keep getting these ideas like, "why don't we make a headboard for our bedroom?" or "let's paint the kitchen table!" or "do you think we could recover a couch?"

I think the biggest thing i've been stressing about is the kids room. Joel and Evie will have to share a room and i'm so nervous. Not only am i nervous about them sharing the room because of the whole one cries they all cry, but more selfishly how am i going to get pinks and yellows go with bright blues and reds. so, We'll see how i pull it off.

i made Joel some canvas when he was first born and i added his name to them.

So, i made some for evie.
So that will bring some continuity to the room (i hope?). I have a white valance that i got from goodwill that i'm considering dying it? I don't know i need some help.

I've also made some headbands! Rebecca Luke gave me the idea to make headbands out of knee high that i can add barrettes to. SO, after many failed attempts in the sewing machine and serger, i had to hand sew them... not fun but they're done. Cute right?

I've also spray painted some picture frames for the kids bathroom (which look awesome) and i have a really great idea for a graphic black and white wall.

I just need someone here to help me with all my ideas... and a financial backer for said ideas. haha.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ultrasound #3


I had another ultrasound because there was swelling in her kidneys the last time they took a peek at her. But! have no fear. She's alright. :)

I cannot tell you how impressed i am with 3D ultrasounds. I didn't have one with joel, and these things are amazing! Not only for things like seeing faces and hands, but for them to be able to concentrate on specific parts of the body in 3D like the rib cage and spine and have such and ACCURATE picture of it is fascinating.

i saw her yawn, suck her fingers, make "kissy" faces, and smack her lips. that made her SO real to me. Not that she isn't ... but she seems like a thought more than a baby to me.

seeing it all happen made me so excited to meet her. :)

Ok, this one might need some explaining. The one to the left is chin, lips and nose and the one on the right is of her yawning. seeing it happen was soooooo amazing.
ok, and can someone tell me where she got these lips? Not from me!